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Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy

Virtual reality is not real, we understand that. In fact, it’s not meant to look real the more unreal it looks the better for immersion. This allows your over-active brain to relax more easily as the fight-flight freeze response we all naturally have is not activated by a cartoon.

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With all the stresses we have in our lives today, work, bills, COVID-19 not to mention flu and now monkey pox!!! It is increasingly hard to find time to relax never mind going on holiday. Virtual Reality Immersion gives us the chance to go somewhere different. Just for  10 mins, 30 mins or 1 hour, we can escape the daily grind.

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Counselling & CBT

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was first introduced in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. This approach saw a client’s symptoms as learned behaviours that were maladaptive and could be changed by applying behaviourist principles of learning.

Amelia Virtual Care

Amelia Virtual Care is a platform for mental health professionals which provides virtual reality environments. Through close collaboration with leading public and private institutions, we are proud to advance research and promote evidence-based care for better mental-health, globally (About Us – Amelia Virtual Care)