What is the cause of phobias?

Phobia is on of the most commonly used nominalisations. Spiders, mice, snakes, flying insects, dogs are all common objects of phobias. However, all phobias are all rooted in anxiety.

 Phobias have been referred to as an irrational fear of a particular thing, however fear is totally rational in our minds. Everyone should have a fear of something or we couldn’t survive.

The imagination is an extremely powerful thing, the same imagination that can picture our life if we won the lottery can equally make a spider the size of a house specifically target them. It is only when the fear of a particular thing begins to have an impact on your everyday life that you should seek help.

People develop skills beyond the normal when it comes to avoiding their phobias.

People come to see me for help with their phobia when they are at the stage where the phobia is disrupting their life significantly.

Don’t let your phobias get the better of you. Phobias can be successfully treated. 

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