What is obsessive compulsive?

Obsessive Compulsive OCD

Obsessive Compulsive is the act of performing repeated repetitive behaviour in order to reduce anxiety. It is perfectly normal to double check whether you locked a door, or if you have unplugged an appliance before you leave the house. But when these behaviours become so severe that they interfere with day to day living, then you are suffering from OCD.

 In the majority of cases these behaviours are the result of an ineffective decision making process particularly in the measuring of risk.

The client believes that they are controlled by their behavior, they also tend to believe they have inherited this from someone else in the family. When a person is running this type of behaviour they believe that in order to stop becoming anxious they must perform this ritual. It is this feeling of being stuck that has the client in a loop that they find difficult to escape from.

Strategic therapy is a very good process oriented treatment plan to help clients with OCD.