Kinetic Shift Technique

What Is Kinetic Shift Technique?

Kinetic Shift is a technique developed by Karl Smith, a World renowned expert in the treatment of trauma. Karl was a member of the British Army and a retired police officer. He now delivers courses throughout the World to emergency service personnel.

Kinetic Shift technique is generally used in a clinical hypnotic setting where the client is encouraged to be relaxed allowing the clinician to work at a deeper level of the mind. IT IS MOST DEFINATELY NOT STAGE HYPNOSIS you will not be unconscious at any time or made to do anything that you don’t want to, rather it is a way in which we can reach our most basic emotions and feelings and use these to change how events are viewed at our subconscious level.

This form of treatment is nothing new, it has been used for many years. Kinetic Shift is an amalgamation of various techniques including EMDR and NLP as well as hypnosis, which have been tried and tested in the field and have been proven to work. It has been used to successfully treat Anxiety, smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss and PTSD.

Karl describes Kinetic Shift as Intuitive, energising, dynamic and Active. It is content free, what this means is that you the client do not need to disclose to the practitioner the specifics of the event or issue in order to deal with it.

AS a formed PTSD sufferer I can personally vouch for this technique.