What Is Tilting?

Every gamer during some phase of there gaming career will suffer from ‘Tilt’, the stress from high pressure situations, becomes to much, and you burst out with negative attitudes, mind-sets, and opinions, which effectively make you, and the people around you perform worse than usual.

E-sports, gaming is not unlike physical gaming, it requires clear and concise communication, if one of your team mates is on tilt, their outlook, and negativity can, and will, ripple throughout the team. Often resulting in arguments within your team, and finally ending with roster swaps, or people just leaving with bad feelings or thoughts.

Gamers online, often say things that they wouldn’t normally say to someone in person, which then again raises another difficult situation. You can easily emotionally connect with other team mates if they are physically in front of you. You can empathise with them and sympathise at their loss, you can even give criticism constructively.

 A lot of the social graces and tactfulness are lost through the radio waves of the internet, which doesn’t help the situation. You will say things to an online team mate that you would never dream or dare to say face to face. 


Tilting in E-Sports

What Is De-Tilting?

De-Tilting in E-Sports

De-Tilting is the ability to realise you are in fact on tilt, if not already tilted, harnessing the negative energy that you and your team mates are currently feeling the effects of and focusing it, in a positive way to get you back to your peak performance.

It’s not easy to change your mindset, human beings, often try to distance themselves from being wrong, or feeling like they are in the wrong, but with proper help, and expert solutions, you can get back on your game, in peak performance, in no time.


How we can Help

With a combination of  NLP and EMDR your team, can once again perform at it’s peak, these techniques are proven and performance coaches are an essential component of every professional team.

 At some stage every athlete that has performed at a professional level, every tennis player, Formula 1 driver, sports club, from AFL to NRL in every country in the world, has performance enhancement coaches.

Now as E-sports expands, it is time to embrace E-Sports performance coaching.  

NLP and EMDR therapy for E-Sports Performance