Why do people get depression?

Patient and Caring

In almost all behavioural therapies there is a requirement for the client to have good resources. When a person has depression they have a negative view of the world that they may not have many resources available at this time. One treatment which has become known for its success in the treatment of depression is Strategic therapy, this is particularly true in cases of mild depression.

When you are stopped from participating in your normal everyday activities by feelings of sadness that don’t go away, or if you feel a general disinterest which lasts for more that a day or two. Then you may be depressed.

Depression comes in various forms from mild to severe and the quicker you can seek medical help the better. For the most part depression doesn’t start with a single event but rather a build up over time. 

It is true that some view depression as an illness which means that it is out of their control. The first step in treatment is to help them understand that they have an element of control over their life.